Trichy Temples

Athmanathaswamy Temple

Notable place for sculptural beauty and granite work. The roof of this temple is laid using pure granite.

Gunaseelam Temple

 Located on the Bank of river cauvery on its north Bank and 24 km far away from trichy. It is seen in the way towards Musri. Lord Vishnu is the deity here and it is an important temple for vaishnavaites. The name of the Lord Vishnu in this place is called “Prasanna Venkateshwara”.   This temple’s  deity is believed to  have a  magnificent  power of   curing   mental  ailments  and  hence people use to bring the Mentally retarded people over here. A mental asylum is also seen here run by various people of a Trust.


This temple situated at a distance 20 km from trichy. The deity here is called “samayapuram mriamman”. This Goddess is believed to be the sister of Lord Vishnu. An important place amongst the places of residence of Goddess sakthi who is the wife of Lord shiva.


An important pilgrimage centre and also exclusive vaishnavate landmark. Srirangam is an island surrounded by river cauvery and kolidom on its either side. It is situated at a distance 7 km from trichy. The entire island srirangam is some 600 acress broader. The Renganatha swamy temple seen here has a history for about 5000 years. The seven huge walls of these temples have enclosed the streets of this entire island. This temple’s fame is because of the rajagopuram which is the highest tower in south India. There are also 21 gopurams around the Temple. But, the rajagopuram has got in glory because or its gigantic feature. It is 72m high and 13 tiered. It was built during the year 1987. All other Gopurams were built from 14th and 17th century. This temple has got many additions as cholas cheras, pandiyas, hoysalas and Vijayanagar kings Ruled. With all those additions the temple has become a largest complex of temple in India. The rajagopuram could be well seen even from miles apart.

Thiruvanaikaval Jambukeshwara Temple

An important place of worship for saivates located at a distance of 1.5 km from trichy and very nearer to srirangam. It is one amongst the jothirlinga states of lord shiva Lord shiva is seen in a form of linga and he is partially submerged in water.Underneath the linga form of shiva a spring comes and is a divine gift of the god. Archeological surveys prove that this was built in the same time when Renganatha swamy temple was built. A holy place which has five walls around and seven gopurams. only hindus are allowed in this temple.


An important temple of Lord Vishnu which also comes under 108 divyadasams (Shrines) of Vishnu. This temple is located at a distance of 25 km from trichy. This temple is very ancient and has got songs (called pasurams) sung by the twelve dedicated devotees of Lord vishnu called as the azhwars. Out of them pariyazhwar and Thirumangai azhwar has performed the function of Magalasnanam (Holy bath) in this shrine to the god Vishnu who is called as pundaree kasha perumal (called as “senthamarai kannan in tamil language).


Located at a distance of 7 km from trichy. The deity here is goddess “Vekkali amman” There is no roof for the deity here which holds some legendary stories. A dominant importance for this place is that, it was the capital city of ancient chola rulers. Two cholas namely pugazh chola nayanar and Gochenkan cholan were born here An important devotee of Lord Vishnu called Thirupaanlzhwar was also born here. This is believed to be destroyed by a sand storm . A legend says that a fire blessed with divine powers defeated an elephant battle so, the name of this place is also called as kozhimangalam. Gochenkan chola who born is this place built this temple of Goddess sakthi.

Ayyappan Temple

This temple is a peaceful place for worship. There is no caste creed or race bars in this Temple. The high degree of discipline is propagated here. Infact the temple is famous for its neat maintenance and planned activities. A large meditation Hall is seen here. Also, many boards and Hoardings with excellent messages to life are seen here. Being located nearer to district Court the Temple is really a place to find the way towards loyal life .special prayers are conducted for people who are unmarried and also for the childless people.


An important shrine Lord Muruga. Lord Muruga is famous Tamil god and said to be the leader in formation of Tamil grammar. It is situated at a distance of 18 km from trichy via bishop heber college. A small Temple of Lord muruga is seen. Every year people gather in Thousands for a festival called thaipoosam.

Uthmar koil

Uthamr koil is the only temple where the mumoorthi (Vishnu, shiva & Brahma) are seen in a place. It is at a distance of 4 km from srirangam town and 8 km from trichy. As per hindu mythologies Lord Brahma is called as the creator of living beings, Lord Vishnu is called as the Lord of well being (survivor) of living beings and lord shiva is called as the destroyer .so, to have these three gods in a single place, the devotees enjoys coming here with an immense pleasure. Also this place is important amongst the vaishnava stalams Because this Temple has also got many pasuram (poem) sung by the azhwar of vaishanava community.