Trichy Tour Information

Nadirsha Dharga

      This Dharga (Mosque) is situated in an important place and it is a Holy place of worship for Muslim people. It has got a history of about 1000 years. Festival celebrated here called “URS” attracts many Islam community people from allover the country to here. People believe that they realize themselves when they come here and hence the feel satisfied in a divine sprit.

Lady Lourdes church

Located just opposite to rockfort’s teppakulam. An important place for Christian people’s prayer. The deity seen here is called “The Lady Lourdes” is a remembrance and symbol of Lourdes Basillica of Lourdes (Lourdes is an important and famous pilgrimage in world located in southern France).

Erakudi granary

This granary was built during the mugal empire by Nawab of Arcot it is an age old Granary which was used for grain storage in that days. But, not only the Granary, there are some sculptures also to see.

Oomiyan Kottai

Actually this place was used as jail by British people where they imprisoned the convicts. King sethupathi of Ramanathapuram Built this in the year 1687. A shiva temple is here which has some interesting information about music. A Vishnu shrine is also seen here. On the walls of the Vishnu shrine beautiful paintings are seen which depict the demised evil spirit by the servant of Lord Vishnu called adhisesha (a snake) by spiting fire on them and also chasing them.

Raghavendra mutt srirangam

The life of holy saint called “Swamy raghavendra” who was a devotee of “rama” is described here through many paintings. An important place of workshop for the Madhva community people. A very peaceful place where people come for meditation and satisfaction. Special poojas are performed in Thursdays.More devotees use to come on Thursdays.

Ramakrishna mutt

Thiruparaithurai Named after a Holy saint “Ramakrishna paramahamsa” and was Built in the year 1949 By Ramaswamy adigal ,Located on the way towards karur. Right from the year 1950 an orphanage and school are run here. Children who have no parents are admitted and treated with love in this place. Classes from 1st standard to 8th standard and are here poor children will not feel that they are poor when they get admitted here to that extent with love ,the charity gives them food, place to reside and clothes and also educate them in a good manner. The doctrines and principles of the great saint Ramakrishna parama hamsa and his disciple vivekanandha are propagated here.

Sai Baba meditation centre

Situated in Between Trichy and viralimalai in a place called manikandam at a distance of 10 km from trichy. A Meditation centre is there where people come to meditate and make them free from mental stress.The paintings seen here explain the life History of a holy saint called “SHIRDI SAI BABA”.

St Josoph’s church

This church is nearer the Teppakulam. The Doors of the church ,is when opened leads to a convent with wide and airy pavilion.

VV S iyer memorial

Built in the memory of a freedom fighter called VVS Iyer. He together with great poet of India, mahakavi subramaniya bharathi and Aravindar of pondicherry, involved himself in the freedom struggle. He made the people feel the importance of freedom struggle through his writings. He established a Tamil Gurukula to give education together with occasional studies.To show the respect towards him this memorial was built in fifth May of the year 1999. A Display of photographs over here explains his life history. Also a library functioning non-stop is present here. The exact address of this memorial is No37, Varaganeri agraharam, Trichy. This place in trichy shows the gratitude of the people towards patriotic leaders.

Buddhisam in Trichy

Trichy was also a place for Buddhism to survive. The Birth of Acharya Buddha Dhatta Mahatera a great Buddhist is an example for that. He lived in varagaburam (woraiyur) in 5 AD. He wrote Madhura thaivilasini and Abithavartharam in relation to his life in Trichy. His book mainly speaks the greatness for chola dynasty. The important places he quoted are Boothamangalam and Poompuhar. His statue seen in Boothamangalam village ,at Aruvan Temple. It is a stone statue which is 6 feet high and the Basement called peedam has three lions. This mangalam village is located at 15 km distance to the North East of musiri.