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Trichy is the fourth largest city in Tamil Nadu.  It is located on the banks of river Cauvery.  Another name of Trichy is called us Tiruchirappalli or (Trichinopoly) or Tiruchi.  This city has numerous temples and monuments.  It is an important tourist destination in Tamilnadu.

About Trichy City

The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly represents Tiruchirappalli has 9 elected members. They are Srirangam, Manapparai, Musiri, Manachannallur, Lalgudi, Thiruverumbur Thuraiyur, Tiruchirappalli East and Tiruchirappalli West are the constituencies.

Trichy is an important educational centre in Tamil Nadu India.  This city has nationally recognized institutions such as National Institutes of Technology (NIT),   Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) National Law Universities (NLU), and Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIIT) Srirangam.

Trichy is considered as best livable city. It is the best cleanest city of Tamil Nadu. This city is the fifth safest city for women in India.

Tiruchirappalli has beautiful churches, mosques and missions dating back to 1760.  This trading city has fine infrastructural facilities. Modern Trichy is developed around the Rock Fort and it is a commercial city as well as pilgrim centre.   It has well connected roads and Railways to all the important cities in our country.  Trichy airport has flights to Chennai, Sharjah, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia and Colombo etc.  

A legend tells that Trishira the step brother of Ravana did penance here to please Lord Shiva, and accordingly, this place came to be called as Trisirapally. Another story relates that Shiva, Parvati and Vinayaka took abode on the three rocks on the nearby hill, and as such, the name was given as Thrishkaragam.  However, the city and the area possess not only the heritage of antiquity but also abundant places of historical and archaeological interest.

The major engineering equipment manufacturing and fabrication hub is in Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu India. The Golden Rock Railway Workshop is moved from Nagapattinam to Tiruchirappalli in 1928.  This is one of three major workshop cum production unit in Tamil Nadu. This workshop produced lot of conventional and low-container flat wagons. The city has multicultural society with a sizeable presence of English, Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam speaking in population.  The city projects a calm outlook and is considered to be friendly with tourists.

Trichy is popular for its hospitality and features a lot of accommodations. Hotels in Trichy are a necessary adjacent for a comfortable and memorable stay. Area of Tiruchirappalli is about 5,114

Mayor : Thiru M. Anbazhagan

Information About Trichy History

One of the oldest inhabited cities in Tamil Nadu is Tiruchirappalli. The earlier settlements of Tiruchirappalli is date back to 2nd century BC. Uraiyur was the capital of Early Cholas from 600 year to 3rd century BC. This city is referred to as Orthoura by the Historian Ptolomy in his 2nd century.

Sangam Cholas capital was woraiyur (Trichy) in 1 AD.  Later it came under the reigns of Pallavas they could not keep hold the city for long and lost it to the Pandyas.  Pallavas and Pandyas fought many times to control Tiruchirapalli. The Cholas reasserted themselves to control over the city in 10th century. 

Tiruchi was under the Mughal rule, which was put to an end by the Vijayanagar Empire. The Vijayanagar Empire of Hampi ruled over the city after the fall of Mugal.  The forces of Deccan Sultan defeated Vijayanagar Emperors in 1565.  The Nayaks, The Governors of Vijayanagar Empire, ruled this area till the 1736AD. Then the city passed in to the hands of Nayaks of Madurai.  They built the Rock Fort, the icon of Trichy. Teppakulam and the fort was built by Viswanatha nayak.  This Nayak dynasty came to an end during the days of Meenakshi. The Muslims ruled this region again with the aid of either the French or the English armies for some years. It was under the rule of Chandra Sahib and Mohamed Ali. It was also ruled by the Marathas, the Nawabs of Carnatic, the French and finally by the British. The Rock Fort played an important role in the 18th century Carnatic wars.  

Viswanatha Nayakar built this great fort during the 16th century.  Bijapur sultan has attacked this fort in 1660 to 1675. But he has not captured the fort. Hyderabad Nizam has conquered Tiruchi in 1743 at that time Marathiya lost Trichy. Thiruchirappali was in the hands of Arcot Nawab upto 1807. After that British captured it. This fort attacked by French in Carnatic war. French Soldiers battled it during the period of 1757 to 1759. Tiruchirapalli was an important war field for britishers. Robert Clive planned and take important decesions from Trichy. It was an nuclear place for them to won lot of battles in Carnatic wars. Finally the English brought Tiruchirappalli and other areas under their control this district was then under the hegemony of British for about 150 years till the independent of India.

Trichy Sightseeing Places

Trichy Tourism has a lot of enthusiastic, cultural and architectural Heritage places. Tourist Places are Rock Fort, Grand Anaicut, Samayapuram Mari Amman Temple, Srirangam Renganathar Temple, Thiruvanaikkaval Jambukeshwarar Temple, Kumaravayalur Murugan Temple and Mukkombu etc.  Tiruchirappalli is alo noted for its beautiful churches, mosques and missions dating back to 1760. The trading city with fine infra-structural facilities is a good base to explore the central Tamil Nadu. This city is dominated by the granite rock soaring 84metres in to the skyline.

Trichy Tourist Places

Tiruchirappalli Rock Fort Or Trichy Malaikottai and Uacchi Pillayar Koil

Rock Fort is the important Land Mark in Trichy.  The name rockfort comes from the fact that the place was used for military fortification first by the Vijayanagar emperors.  Uacchi pillayar Koil is a combination of two famous 7th century Hindu temples. One temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesh and the other temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.  Lord Ganesh Temple is located at the top of a small rock. It is about 84m (237 feet) high rock that is the only out crop of in the flat land of the city.  Geologically the 83m high rock is said to be one of the oldest in the world. It is said that the hill is about four hundred million years old.   The main attraction of the rock fort is the Uchi Pillaiyar Koil perched at the top of the rock. This temple is dedicated to lord Vinayaka or Ganesh.  We can reach it through a flight of 344 steps.  A panoramic view of the city can be enjoyed from here.  We can see the rock cut cave temples built during the pallava regime on the southern surface of the rock.  The caves have lot of beautiful sculptures.  This cave temple belongs to the pallava period and Pallava king Mahendra Varman built this cave temple with the beautiful carving Gangadhara.  The winding river and temples of Srirangam and Thiruvanai Kaval can be seen from the northern side. 

Myth logically this rock is the place where Lord Ganesha ran from king Vibishana, after establishing the Ranganathaswamy deity in Srirangam.

Sri Thayumanaswamy Temple in Rock Fort Tiruchirappalli

Sri Thayumanaswamy or Mathrubutheswarar Temple is on the half way of the Uchipillaiyar Koil in the Rock Fort.  This temple is dedicated to Lord Siva.  The Shiva temple is a greater one.  It houses a massive stone statue of Shiva in the form of Linga along with a separate sanctum for Goddess Parvathi. It has 100-pillared hall and a Gold Plated Vimana.  Out of the western reef of the rock, there rises a magnificent temple inside which are grand shrines for Shiva dedicated to Malai Koluna Eswarar or Mathrubhuteshwarar, popularly known as Arulagiri Thayumanuswamy and his consort, Aruliga Mattuvarkuzhalamba.  There is a hundred pillar hall having a gold plated dome.  The summit has a temple dedicated to Vinayaka commonly called as Uchi Pillaiyar. A top of the rock gives a panoramic view of the township.  On the southern face of the rock are several beautifully carved rock-cut cave temples of the Pallava period.  The imposing rock dominates the skyline of the city and with its fort and shrines, it is a great attraction.  At the foot of the rock is the Teepakulam, a large masonry tank with a small and graceful Mandapam in the centre said to have been constructed by Vishwanath Nayak.

Trichy Butterfly Park

Butterfly Park is about 5km from Srirangam in Melur village. The area of the park is about 35 acres. This park lies between the river Cauvery and Kollidam. This park has a beautiful garden and it is a good entertaining park for children to play. Boat riding for children is also available here. A wonderful fountains, artificial waterfalls, and hanging bridge are also here. Small bamboo huts are here for visitors to take rest. We can see exciting flowers and colourful butterflies in this park. This park has Natshatra Vanam there we can see tree and plants for 27 stars (rasi). A huge glasshouse for butterfly is also here. We can see fish and ducks in the artificial pond.    

Nadirshah Mosque in Tiruchirapalli

Nadirshah Mosque is about 4km from the Tiruchirapalli Central Bus stand near the Main Guard Gate.  This mosque contains the remains Nawabs Mohammed Ali and the headless body of Chanda Sahib who were the principle cause for the carnatic war. The tomb of saint Babbayya Nadir Shah attracts the devotees of all faiths in large number. 

Tiruchirappalli Government Museum

Government Museum is located at Rani Mangammal mandram 19, Bharathidasan road. This place is treasure house of sculptures from various places around Tiruchirappally. Bronze and stone idols exhibited here are worth seeing.

Tiruchirappalli Planetarium

The Anna Science centre Planetarium is located on Pudukkotai road, near airport the daily programs are show with English and Tamil commentaries.

Tiruchirappalli Grand Annicut (Kallanai)

Kallanai is a beautiful picnic spot near Srirangam.  It is about 19km from Tiruchi.  Karikal Chola built Kallanai in 2nd century.  This dam is about 329m long and 20m wide.  It indeed is one of the greatest marvel engineering in India.  It is one of the oldest dams in our world.

Tiruchirappali Upper Annaicut (Mukkombu)

Mukkombu is another important picnic spot near Srirangam.  It is about 18km from Tiruchirappalli.  The length of this dam is about 685m.  This dam was constructed by Sir Arthur Cotton in 1836-38 across the head of river Coleroon at the upper end of Srirangam.  It is 750m long, but broken by the island into three sections. There is a beautiful guest house at the dam site which can be used by the visitors.  This is an excellent place of picnic.

Trichy Temples

Trichy Srirangam Temple

Srirangam is about 7km from Trichy.  It is an island between Cauvery and Kollidam.  Srirangam is one of the most important vaishnavite pilgrim centres.  The main deity of this temple is Sri Renganatha Swamy is lying on his Adi Sesha (snake) couch. This lovely temple situated in the middle of the town encircled by massive ramparts with stupendous towers and broad court yards is formed as a complex by itself. In a corner of the temple is the thousand pillared hall wherein Chanda Sahib and his friends took refuge. The Seshashayi Mandapam is remarkable for its sculptural art.  This 13th century temple has 21 towers and is surrounded by seven concentric walls within which the town is situated.  It is the biggest temple complex in the country.  The main tower at the entrance is so huge that it can be seen from far off places.  It amazes the visitor by its huge proportions. Inside the shrine is the huge idol of Ranganatha reclining on the lap of Adishesha.  The temple is very well preserved with its beautiful sculptures and painted walls.  Srirangam is connected with the city by regular bus services.

Thiruvanaikkaval or Jambukeswarar Temple

Thiruvanaikkaval is about 5km from Trichy and 2km from the east of Srirangam.  The main deity of this temple is Lord Siva.  The temple is named Tiru aanaikka because an elephant is believed to worship the Sivalingam with flowers and water brought in his trunk so it is called as Jambukeswarar and the Lingam is set under a Jambu tree. It is one of the panchabhoota stalams of water.  This temple has excellent architecture.  The Sivalingam here is always half submerged in water and fully submerged during the monsoon. Dating back to the Chola times, the temple has five enclosures, with a lofty tower at the main entrance, which is elaborately sculptured.  This place is one of the Pnacha Lingas, called here as Appu Linga, as the aspect associated with water.  It may be noticed that the main Linga in the shrine is always covered by water which constantly flows through a spring of water.  Goddess Parvati is called here as Akilandeshwari and the place is known as Upadesha Kshetram as goddess Parvati acquired the knowledge from Shiva.  Another special peculiarity of this temple is that the mid-day worship, Uchai Kala pooja is done by the priest clad with a saree in female dress.

Samayapuram Temple Information

There is an ancient temple for the village goddess Mariamman which has grown during the last few years as a major place of pilgrimage.  It is believed that the goddess has miraculous powers and would cure mental diseases of the devotees.  The temple attracts thousands of devotees from places around.  City bus service is available to this place.

Arulmigu Azhagiya Manavaalar Temple

Azhagiya Manavaalar Temple is situated in Urayoor Trichy. It is located in the railway lane of Tiruchirappali to Erode. This temple is near the Naachiyar Koil. The Goddess of this temple is known as Kamalavalli Nachiyar. Kalyana Utsavam is done during the festival of Panguni utthiram. We can visit this temple at the time of 9.00 am to 12.00 and 5.00 pm to 8.30pm. Phone: 0431-2762446, 9443188716.

Tourist Places near Trichy

Tiruchi Vayalur Murugan Temple

Vayalur is about 18km from Tiruchirappalli. Popularly known as Kumara Vayalur and Adi Vayalur, this place has an ancient temple for Lord Muruga set amidst lush green vegetation.  The main tower is richly ornamented with five tiers. In the front is the sacred tank created by Lord Muruga with his Vel.  it is known by various name as Kumara Tirtha, Shakti Tirtha and Agni Tirtha.  Inside the shrine is the idol of Muruga in a rare posture.  He is shown with his twin consorts Valli and Devayani, with his hands raised like the Lord of Tirupati. There is also a Shiva temple dedicated to Agneshwara with his consort Parvati called as Munnilai Nayaki.  A peculiar feature of the temple is the Sundara Thandavam of Nataraja.  He dances with both of his feet on the ground without the usual semi-ciruclar arch on the rear.  Saint Arunagirinathar is said to have come to this place to sing in praise of the Lord.  This place is connected by bus service and there is a temple choultry for the convenience of visitors and devotees.

Viralimalai Murugan Temple

Viralimalai is about 30km from Tiruchi. This place is famed for the temple of Subramanya on a small hillock situated amidst beautiful surroundings.  The temple on the top dated back to the 15th century. There is also a small cave temple on the hillock called Chokkanathar Mandapam, it is said that Arunagirinathar was blessed by the deity with the powers of Ashtasiddhi.  The saint sang in praise of the Lord first at Vayalur and then at Viralimalai.  The main deity is the six faced Subramanya seated on peacock along with his consorts.  A peculiar system prevalent here is the offering a tobacco cigar to the deity during the night worship.  A fine peacock sanctuary has been developed at this place.  Buses are available from the city.

Thirukadambathurai in Tiruchi

Thirukadambathurai is about 38km from Trichy. It is popularly known as Kadambar kovil, the small village on the banks of river Cauvery has an ancient Shiva temple dedicated to Kadamba Vaneshwarar with consort called Bala Kunjambika. Tradition says that the place was originally the hermitage of sage Kanca with a number of Kadamba trees.  It is believed that Lord Sundareshwarar and goddess Meenakshi stayed here for some time after their wedding.  As such, this temple stands on equal status with the Meenakshi temple at Madurai.

Tirverumbur Information

Tirverumbur is about 12km from Trichy. An old village not far from the city, famous for its ancient Shiva temple dedicated to Erumbeshwarar dating earlier to 9th century.  The deity has been called by various names such as Mahadeva,  Aditya Bhattaraka and Tiruvembiyur Alwar. One inscriptions states that Pippilikas (ants) worshipped this deity.  the shrine is on a small hillock easily approachable by road.

Ratnagiri (The Ruby Hill)

Ratnagiri (The Ruby Hill) is about 35km from Tiruchi. The bare concial rock which abruptly rises the village Kulittalai has an ancient temple of Shiva dedicated to Ratnagirishwarar.  The hill is also known as Manikka Malai and Vatapokki Malai, which rise to a height of about 400m.  The temple on the summit can be approached by a flight of 952 steps of finely cut stone.  The shrine is held in great reverence as Appar visited this place and extolled the deity by singing Tiruppadigam. At the bottom of the hillock is a beautiful tank called Panchakshara Tirtha.  The hill is a popular picnic resort for trekking enthusiasts also.

Perumal Malai in Tiruchi

Perumal Malai is about 36km from Tiruchi. The Prasanna Venkatachalapathi temple is situated on a hillock called Perumal Malai near the village Thurayur.  This Vaishnava temple belongs to the 16th century constructed by the Nayaka kings.  The temple can be reached by climbing the 1532 steps from the foot of the hill.  A motorable ghat road has also been laid to the top.  In the temple, the Dashavatharam Mandapam is the most beautiful hall containing magnificent sculpture of all the ten incarnations of Maha Vishnu in life size figures.  There is a rare set of 32 musical pillars which emit different notes when gently tapped.  This is the largest collection of such musical pillars in this part of the country.  From the hill top, a beautiful view of eh surrounding hills and the enchanting plains below can be seen.

Thiruvallarai Temple Information

Thiruvallarai is about 20km from Trichy. A small village famous for the magnificent 9th century old cave temples of jambunathar and Pundarikaksha Perumal.  In the inscriptions, the place has been named as Swethagiri.  The name is derived due to the shining white outcrop of granite from the hillock.  It is said that Sri Ramanujacharya came from Srirangam to this calm and quiet place to write and codfy the entire arrangements of worship in Vaishnava temples. He spent a retreat of three years at the pundarikasha Perumal temple.  The Swastika shaped Pushkarini at bottom of the hills is a unique piece of architecture.

Kudumiyan Malai Temple Information

Kudumiyan Malai is about 70km from Tiruchirappalli. This Shiva temple is dedicated to Kudiminatha popularly known as Shikagrinatha.  The rock walls of the temple have carving of Shiva, Parati, Nadi and the Shaiva saints, all in the form of a frieze.

How to Reach Trichy

Tiruchirappalli is connected by air, rail and road, which connect to many parts of the country.  State buses and private vans operate to most of the tourist places regularly.  Excellent lodging facilities are available in the city.  Taxi and autorickshaws can be hired for local transport.

Frequently Asked Question in Trichy Or Tiruchirappalli 

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Trichy in which state?
Trichy is in Tamil Nadu India.

Trichy City General Information

Tiruchirapalli Total Area : 5114 sq. km
Tiruchi Population  : 27,13,858 (Census 2011)
Tiruchirapalli Rainfall :  746.8 mm (Annual)

Climate Over all Average : Max 37.2 °C Min 20.6°C

Tiruchirapalli Std Code :  0431

Trichy to Chennai : 316 km
Passport Enquery : 0431-2707011
Tiruchirapalli Airport Enquery: 0431-2340020
Tiruchirapalli Railway Enquery: 0431-2410138
Tiruchirapalli Bus Enquery: 0431-2460992, 2460607
Electricty Failure: 0431-2764624
Tiruchirapalli Tourist Information: 0431-2460136

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Karikalan Bronze Statue in Kallanai Tiruchirappalli
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